Monday, February 6, 2012

Superbowl Sunday.

I have this weird love of Superbowl Sunday, I don't necessarily live or breathe football, in fact, I would much rather watch a game in person than on the television, but there's something about Superbowl Sunday.  Several years ago that I came down with a stomach bug on Superbowl Sunday and I think it pretty much ruined my year.  Seriously, when else can you not feel guilty for eating way too many wings, brownies, queso, brownies, cookies, brownies, chips, oh, and did I mention brownies?  
Okay, maybe the tummy ache from never eating like that made me feel a tad bit guilty.  

This was my weekend:

Saturday morning came too quickly when the alarm went off before 9am.  
But the husband rolled me out of bed so we could visit our favorite little breakfast spot before the Memphis Tiger game.  

I think everyone else thought our idea was genius and decided to visit Bryant's Breakfast, too.

The line didn't seem too bad, when I had this cute little painting to stare at.

Amazing, delicious biscuits that are so big, you can only eat one!

And we made it just in time to watch these guys beat Xavier by a few points while they were supporting breast cancer.  
(photo credit: Joe Murphy)
.  .  .

Sunday, after a gloriously long nap, we ate way too many of these.

And these silly guys kept us entertained with their dancing, karaoke, and comedy all night long...

.  .  .

With all these sports, there are times when you need to pull
out the old jersey and show your support.  
(Go Giants?  Go Patriots?  Go Tigers?) 
Personally, I like to show my support for this guy.

And since, I forgot to take a picture of how I wore a jersey without looking like I rolled out of bed, I'll let these girls help me out.

The key is to wearing a jersey is:
1.) Full hair and makeup
2.) Cute jeans
3.) Great shoes
4.) Accessorize with jewelry you would normally wear with a cute outfit.

Super cute, huh?

What were your Superbowl plans?

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