Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Warmer days

I've never been a full-time office clothes wearing work girl in the spring and summer months.  In fact, I lived my warm months on a golf course for the last five years.  All that warm weather outdoors means my wardrobe for the summer consists of shorts, flip-flops, and tank tops.

Does anyone feel my pain for investing in a whole new working wardrobe for warm months?  

As a tall girl:
Skirts are too short for working.
Dresses, where they're supposed to hit my hips, they hit me at my waist line.
Maxi dress?  Goodness gracious....hello awkward lengths. me when I say a good pair is hard to come by.
Shirts-- now I can do shirts.
Summer jewelry.  Didn't need that on a hot golf course!

Pretty much, my work clothing is severely lacking.

Let's all take a moment to mourn our ponytail hair, flip flop feet summers.

Okay, that's over.  

.   .   .

Let's go shopping!!!

Colored pants are a must on my shopping list.  
(And this polka dot shirt....dying for it!)
 I already have a hundred shirts picked out to wear with blue and red skinnies.  I'm just having a problem finding some with the right structure, length, and weight.  I'm not into the super thin fabric that these colored pants often come in...I think they make my knees look funny.  
Strange?  Yeah, probably.

This style blouse is so classy and chic.  I already own quite a few, but for work they go with everything!

I'm loving these pantsuits!  They're not very work appropriate, but look around on your next shopping trip.  There are some seriously cute ones!

Two words: Colorful Jewelry.  This stuff would make any outfit that burst of spring time color.

White skinny denim.  
White skinny pants. 
 I'm having the hardest time with these two!  Where are you girls finding yours?
I think they make any shirt look fresh for spring and summer.

Loving this silhouette-- anyone else dying to recreate this?  I'll do it with dressier pants.  Statement necklaces always make an outfit look pulled together and thought through.

 What's on your shopping list for your warm weather work clothes?