Friday, October 5, 2012

I'm Crushing...

I change favorite stores so often...but I'm seriously crushing with some preppy playful girliness.  This week's dare is to buy something from at least one of these stores and just revel in being a girl!
So. Much. Fun. 
I'm tellin' ya--you'll be obsessed! 
First, I want you to say hello to some J. Crew fabulousness. 
I went through a stage where I really didn't like the preppy J. Crew look.  I think it was the ribbon belts, the chinos, the sweater, and boat shoe mix.  I thought it wasn't really my look.  I'm not sure if they've re-invented themselves in the last few years or maybe I just reinvented myself...either way--
I love me some J. Crew.
Colorblock boatneck top
This adorable, perfect for fall shirt is only $34.50 right to J. Crew right now and snatch this little beauty up!  Wouldn't this look great with a white collared shirt popping out from under it?
I've been in a blazer-obsession-mode lately.  Seriously, how many blazers can a girl wear to work this week...4 out of 5 days.  If I only had this blazer, I can guarantee I would have made it 5 out of 5.  Does anyone rival this streak?
Schoolboy blazer in wool flannel
Only 99.99 right now!  J. Crew
Silk boy shirt in heart throb
Go try a silk, printed blouse--with what else?  Hearts.  Adorable.
Bow ring
 The Cambridge Satchel Company® for crewcuts polka-dot satchel
Yes, pink polka dots, we all know your cute.  Quit throwing it in our face. J. Crew
.   .   .
Secondly, I want to introduce you to some Kate Spade amazingness.
Pinned Image
On sale for $129.99 from $258--this little spunky bag could be yours.  If you get it, promise to send me a picture and let me drool.  Go to Kate Spade.

Now, let's all take a moment to re-visit my obsession with leopard.  But just like the lecture I gave my husband in Target this week...there is a fine line between cheap looking animal print and superiorly classy...this, my friends, is the latter.
Pinned Image
Go buy at Kate Spade
And since I'm attempting to persuade you to give the girly life a try--I've been dreaming of these for quite a while. 
Pinned Image
Don't judge--just try them.  These are every little girl's fantasy done in a grown up, classy way.   Kate Spade
If these shoes don't quite fit into your budget, you can always do what I a $8 bottle of nail polish and wish you had it on your whole shoes.  Word to the wise: Don't put this polish on your piggies before going to get a pedicure.  The salon techs will hate you. 
Glitter just doesn't want to leave my feet, who knew?!
Nicole by OPI Nail Polish -  Kardashian Kolors
Oh, well aren't you the cutest little fluffy skirt that ever was?
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
On Sale $199. Just to help you fuel a new obsession. Kate Spade
I'm hoping I hear at least one person give this obsession with being a girl a chance...

Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Happies

Boy, do I have a treat for you!

Check out this cute little chevron shirt. 
I found it on Pinterest.  If you don't do it already, click on the links associated with the photo and actually buy that cute outfit you've pinned.  More often than not, it's affordable and you find yourself lost in a cute little boutique site that you would have never discovered otherwise.
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Pinned Image
When I clicked on this shirt a few months ago, I discovered

Today, Tobi's CEO is proposing to their stylist.

I've devoured the site and picked out a few of my favorites! 
Run on over there and type in promo code KENLOVESMARIA50
and get everything 50% off of their already low original prices! 
New clarification because mine may not have been clear enough: Valid on regularly priced items
and 50% off the original retail price of all sale items.
(This post is not sponsored.)

I'd love to know if this post helped you find anything on Tobi! 
I bought the Gettin' Ziggy With It Tunic Dress
and True Dot Sleeveless Button Down.
Happy Monday!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Million Dollar Accessories

I wish I had a million dollars....
If I had a million dollars...
I think I would pay an assistant to pick out my accessories!

And I would shop for everything trendy that I could imagine.

I started thinking that maybe, just maybe, there are others out there too who don't have
 all the time and money to shop all day.

Bear with me as I start up this new fashion journey...
and know that behind these pictures, there are a couple of men sitting on their porch offering beer, asking what a blog is, and making me feel insanely strange about taking photos of myself.  
(Right above them, there was a cat that wouldn't quit staring, but that's another thing...)

So as we start of this new look with awkwardness, please hope with me that these photos get better.

Pull out your favorite black skinnies, roll them up, and strap on your favorite wedges for easy summer style.

But don't forget, add some mint to your toes.  I'll give you a fair warning: 
you may deem mint chocolate chip ice cream a necessity in your future.

To make this outfit even better...I'd ditch the gold necklace and buy this pretty little thing:
Sadly, $150 for a pink bubble necklace wouldn't fit in my budget this week.
Buy this top: Here, Buy similar pants: Here, Buy similar headband: Here, Buy similar shoes: Here