Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Million Dollar Accessories

I wish I had a million dollars....
If I had a million dollars...
I think I would pay an assistant to pick out my accessories!

And I would shop for everything trendy that I could imagine.

I started thinking that maybe, just maybe, there are others out there too who don't have
 all the time and money to shop all day.

Bear with me as I start up this new fashion journey...
and know that behind these pictures, there are a couple of men sitting on their porch offering beer, asking what a blog is, and making me feel insanely strange about taking photos of myself.  
(Right above them, there was a cat that wouldn't quit staring, but that's another thing...)

So as we start of this new look with awkwardness, please hope with me that these photos get better.

Pull out your favorite black skinnies, roll them up, and strap on your favorite wedges for easy summer style.

But don't forget, add some mint to your toes.  I'll give you a fair warning: 
you may deem mint chocolate chip ice cream a necessity in your future.

To make this outfit even better...I'd ditch the gold necklace and buy this pretty little thing:
Sadly, $150 for a pink bubble necklace wouldn't fit in my budget this week.
Buy this top: Here, Buy similar pants: Here, Buy similar headband: Here, Buy similar shoes: Here

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  1. Very cute! I feel your pain with being freezing inside and hot outside. I still love summer though. Watch the website Very Jane for those necklaces! I bought one last week for $25. If you can't wait, there is an etsy seller that has them for $34. The shop is daniellecarroll59


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