Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Random Assortment

It's Wednesday...and this week is dragging on due to little sleep.  Anyone else having a strangely busy/no end in sight kinda week?  So for today, how does a really random assortment of what's on my fashion brain lately sound?

Please, get in my closet.....all of you!
Check these out....they're at Old Navy for just $35.  
Steal?  I think so!

This goddess-esque Maxi Dress is from BCBGeneration.  
Think I might have to look into this one.
It's only $148, so don't snatch them all up before I can 
get some extra money!

I love this dress from Neiman Marcus...
however, it also comes with a $450 price tag.  
If you have $900, please, buy one for yourself and for me.

I'll steal this whole outfit.  It's so classic and perfect for this time of year.

This Victoria Beckham is $435. anyone generous out there?  
I highly doubt the hubs would be okay with me 
spending half of our rent money on a pretty dress.

I seriously love this outfit.  It's super bright and very fun.

What fashion pieces are you crushing on lately?

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