Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Mustache....

I seriously crack myself up.  I think the mustache trend is the funniest thing ever!!  Although my Mustache Valentine may be the worst photoshop job in history, it still makes me laugh! 
Isn't it so much fun to have a day where you can be cheesy
in your girly-ness?

What are you wearing for Valentine's Day?  
I wasn't able to go too crazy due to work, but I was sure to add PINK!

I think pink may be my happy color.  
It just adds so much fun to an otherwise boring outfit!

Hey look, my phone case matches!

Could bathroom photos be the most awkward thing ever?  
They scream: hey look! I'm 13, and I'm on MySpace!  
Check ME out!

The husband told me last night to pack an overnight bag
for a surprise he has up his sleeve.  
Sadly, anything that is added to my morning routine makes me late so these pictures were the best I could muster up. 

{Sincerely apologizing for the quality of these.}

I think these little booties are just the cutest, run to Target quickly and snatch up a pair.
Blazer(buy here), Pants(buy similar here), Shirt(long cream tank),
Watch(Fossil), Booties(buy here)

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