Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Ahhh, yesterday was so much fun!  Can we do it every week?

Zach picked me up from work and took me to my favorite Snow Cone place.  I have a strange love affair with snow cones....and even though I'm slightly allergic to yellow dye, I always talk myself into the yellow snow cones.  
It's a serious problem.

Then the greatest husband of all times took me downtown to stay in a hotel.  At first, I felt a little guilty for spending money (even though I knew nothing about it) on something like that in our own city, but we had the best time!  We spent about two hours jumping from the hot tub to the pool, just relaxing, having fun, and talking.  And the best part?  This morning, we left the bed unmade, towels in the floor and went on our merry way!
For dinner, we skipped the crowded fancy restaurants and walked right in to our favorite little pizza place.  They had dimmed all the lights and lit some was perfect!

Now, some Valentines cynics say that we should be randomly romanced rather than forcing our lovers to romance us.  I say, I love Thanksgiving because I'm able to purposefully reflect on what I'm thankful for.  Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ and we still give gifts (and don't complain) and celebrate Christmas.  Holidays, in my mind, are a time to be purposeful in celebrating.  For me the same goes for Valentine's Day--being purposeful to make people feel loved.  
So take that, all you cynics!
 .  .  .

Back to some fashion!  


However, there's a large problem with this.  
There is no store even remotely close to me.
They only time I've even been to H&M is when I lived in Italy for a few months.

I online shop there constantly.  However, there is another large problem with this.
H&M can't seem to make online shopping available for Americans.
What thaaaaa heck?!

Come on, get with the program, because I want to buy you, and you, and you...

Please, H&M gals.  Shop there and ENJOY it.  Cause I can't.

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  1. I have the same issues with H&M...Nashville needs one ASAP. :P


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