Friday, February 3, 2012

The Scarf Accident

Yesterday, I felt like wearing all black for no reason in particular.  I had seen several some celebrities pull it off quite nicely without looking like they were in mourning, so I thought I'd give it a go.

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I tried on a black blazer with my skinny black pants, but I wasn't feeling it.  
So I put on a dolman sleeved black shirt with my black skinnys.  
Ahhhhhh, yeah, now we're talking!  
But when I looked in the mirror, it looked like I was in mourning...waaaaaah!  

So, I rummaged (ie: threw all my clothes everywhere) around my closet because I had about 30 seconds to sprint out the door, meaning I would still have to drive like a mad woman down the interstate to get to work.  Seriously though, we all know that punctuality flies out the door when your wardrobe is in question.  
.  .  .

Tried on black shoes.

Nah.  Tried on nude pumps!  Okay, kinda cute!  Little less funeral.

Then I threw on my favorite leopard scarf that I had worn the night before.  
I hate buying a million scarfs in the same colors to have different looks.  I feel like with a little creativity, you should be able make normal scarfs into infinity scarfs, etc.  I had my scarf tied and tucked to look like an infinity look but in my haste, I accidentally pulled one of the corners loose.  I glanced in the mirror and HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!!  I've been trying to get my scarfs to look like this forever!

The knot needs to be over on the side of your neck, so the point hangs down.

Please, someone tell me I'm not a super idiot for not figuring this out before yesterday

I also need a photographer, cause these self portraits just aren't working well enough.  You get the idea, right?

And just because my arms aren't long enough to get my entire 5'11" body in the image.  Here's the cute bracelet that I was wearing on the wrist that you can't see. 

How would you do all black?


  1. Black skinnies are the way to go! When I wear all black (frequently), I like incorporating color with either a bright accent ring or a loud-colored scarf tied to my purse. Make-up is another great way to celebrate a black ensemble. Try a pop of color on the inner corner of your lids and paired with a neutral lip.

  2. OOO I love this look! I will have to do this week for work.

  3. Love the scarf! I always feel great when I wear black, which is why half of my wardrobe is that color. I love adding gold jewelry to the ensemble--i believe it pops more than silver does.
    Another great blog Amy!


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