Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I'm feeling so blessed this morning to have such an amazing husband.  Please don't puke and hate me because I want to brag on him for a bit.  

Girls, if you're not married, find a guy like this and married girls, show your guys that you love and respect them for being strong manly men.  More than likely, they'll knock your socks off by loving you back like this guy loves me.

First, my guy makes me breakfast almost every morning.  
He thinks it's humorous that I'm a grumpy little troll in the mornings so he makes me coffee and breakfast.  It always cuts off just enough time that I can make it out the door without losing my mind.

Whoa.  He's nice.
(Not bad on the eyes, either!)

.  .  .

He's also ridiculously silly.  He won't let me stay mad at him.  
He's always the first to make me laugh at his antics.

.  .  .

He's a stud.  Straight up.  This guy can run faster than one million horses.  Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration, but he's good.  He wins races and stuff!  

.  .  .

He never complained once about engagement pictures or wedding pictures.  Even our photographer was impressed.  

Actually, come to think of it, he kind of never complains. 
Lucky me!

He's also the hardest worker I know...don't let me make you completely jealous when I say he cleans the house without me asking for his help, he empties the dishwasher, remembers to wash clothes more than I do, and the man can cook.

And don't roll your eyes and say it's newlywed bliss...
because he's always been like this.

He's kinda amazing.  Don't you think?

Brag on your man today, girls.  Trust me, if you want him to treat you like your the only woman in the world, show him why he's great and he'll live up to your boasting.

It's always nice to hear why you're great, isn't it?

Here's today's challenge: make someone's day!

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  1. I just wrote the longest, best comment ever and Yeah what happened when I tried to submit. Deleted it:( I love Zach almost as much as you do and so glad and proud to call him my brother-in-law.


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