Thursday, February 23, 2012

It was all yellow...

Isn't yellow such a beautiful, happy, sunny color?  I'm all about happy and sunny.  I'm crushing on this color right now, but it hasn't ever been my favorite color. However, I've discovered a new love for yellow.  I'm wanting to put accents of grey and yellow in our little apartment.  It's refreshing, bright, and full of life.  I like colors like that!

Oh, hello,

Yellow birds.......

Yellow balloons....

Yellow ladies....

 Yellow fields.....

Yellow flowers...

and yellow husbands...just kidding.

.  .  .

But I cannot wear yellow!  
How is it fair that me and my sister are constantly asked if we are twins, yet she can wear yellow and I end up looking pale and sallow?  My skin is just olive enough that no matter what, it looks terrible on me.

Not fair, sister!  
(We do look alike, don't we?)

If I could wear these beautiful shades of yellow next to my face, 
this is what I'd be wearing...

Alas, I'll be stuck to wearing yellow on my bottom half....
and that's too bad, because I really want to wear it on the top.

I guess I'll stick to green...  You know, I've heard rumors that not everyone can wear that happy color.  So while your feeling sorry for me and my unfulfilled desire for yellow, 
I guess I can feel sorry for you.


  1. I'm carrying a yellow purse today. I guess that makes me stylish! Haha.

  2. What about a more mustard yellow? I think that would work!


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