Monday, January 23, 2012

Polish & Chickens

Okay, when I absolutely love a product 
and it really works for me, I can't help but to share it. 
(I sincerely apologize for anyone who has heard my ravings multiple times.) 

Introducing: Gel Manicures.  People!  Listen to me!  Go out and buy the whole kit.  Polish that lasts for about 10-14 days, without chipping and without acrylic.  AH-MAZING.  I'm one of those girls who adore painted nails.  After a manicure, I've been known to tell my husband, "Ahhh, so much better!  I just don't feel like a girl without pretty fingers!"  It really is too easy for as amazing as it is. My grandmother is even singing its praises.  I've had many ladies stop me and ask my secret.  Okay, enough with my ravings.  Let me show you how it's done!

 Here's some of my stash.  The three things you will need are Structure Base Coat, LED Gel Polish (buy Here) (or another brand Here).  And LED Top Coat(not pictured).  

I use this base surface cleaner, but you really just need rubbing alcohol.

Finally, you'll need this tiny portable LED Light (here).  And there you have it!

Here are my tips:
- Clean your nails with some alcohol on a cotton ball first.
- Spread each layer on very thin.  Trust me, it just works better.
- First comes base, then two coats of color, then top coat.
- Let it sit under the light for two minutes between each coat.
- Take rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball after the last 
layer and swipe it over your nails.  
Dry as can be!  Say hello to gorgeous nails!

On a much different husband has a bit of a strange hobby.  He decided to raise some chickens last winter.  But really, they do make some tasty eggs!  There was this poor little hen being pecked by her friends until she was bleeding.  Hens, that's not very lady-like at all! 
So my gentleman whisked her away from those mean lady hens.  

Meaning: I have a chicken in my apartment.

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