Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Not-so-Little Stud...

So maybe you know, maybe you don't, but I'm kinda proud of my little brother.  He's kind of a stud.  Drew is one of those 6'7" ballers that actually made it to Division 1 college basketball.  He plays in front of 17,000 people on a regular basis and owns it.  On top of all that, he's the best guy, full of humbleness, fun, strong morals, and a love for people. 

 All this to say, I attend about two Memphis Tigers games a week, and coming up with outfits with enough blue to last a season tends to make my head spin!  My family (well, maybe just the girls) are constantly on a hunt for ways to incorporate Tiger blue into our wardrobe without looking like blue crazed blueberries.

Check that out...he's fashionable, too!  Guys, take cue.

Lookin good, guys!  This is a former Tiger, one of Drew's best friends.  
And no, he's not flipping the bird...I think he discovered crazy
 hand symbols when he was playing ball in France this year.  Don't you just LOVE Will's glasses?

My bi-weekly ritual!  Girls, I promise, basketball is a blast.

Sweater: Express (buy similar here), pants: Cynthia Rowley (buy similar here),
 Scarf: gift, Belt: Target, Boots: Steve Madden (here)

What colors are you constantly trying to incorporate in your wardrobe?

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  1. I don't even know how I just stumbled across your blog...but I know I'm stoked that I did. You're adorable {&i love basketball}. looking forward to seeing more cute posts! -Melissa


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