Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring Fever and Unexcused Absences

Okay, I'm going to excuse my unexplained absence last week as my Spring Break.

Even though it's not Spring, nor was it Spring Break, nor was I in Mexico sitting under this tiki hut getting my tan on.

Let's just pretend, mmmmkay?  I had a hard enough time texting back this week!  I think I needed a social media break. 

Truthfully, I thought my clothes were ugly, I'm needing a summer glow, it was 70+ degrees, I had spring fever, and I was quite the busy bee with a three page long to-do list.  

I told Zach I had a proposition:  A Stay-At-Home Yuppy Wife!
Perfect, huh?!  If anyone would like to join this endeavor of convincing him this is a good idea, gift cards and money are accepted because I would spend lots of it in my free time.

My to-do list was ridiculous this week and sadly, my apartment still does not have:
- Bedroom curtains made by me
- A painted and transformed TV dresser
- A million throw pillows made by me
- Recovered kitchen table chairs
- New couch cushions
- Wedding pictures in frames
- or a thousand fabulous accessories

Maybe I wrote to much on my to-do list?  Yeah, probably, but doing it in three days made perfect sense in my head three days ago............Hey, a girl can dream!

Regardless, don't worry, I'm coming back to you, my friends!  
And thanks to the girls who missed me, you made me feel super great! :)


  1. Hey Amy. Don't get discouraged if every nic-knack is not in place in three days, or even three years! My Zack had to remind me I was trying to get our house as "settled in" as my mom's and she's been working on her's for 30 years! Just take one project at a time and enjoy the process. I'm sure you already have a super cozy, welcoming home.
    -The other Amy. :)

  2. We need to get together and cross some of those things off your to-do list together!! :0)

  3. Soooo Jorden and I just got a wedding pic in a frame and it has been a year!!! I still need curtains and new pillow covers. I am wanting to do it all so I can save money, but do I ever have time??? Absolutely not! Maybe...I can come up there and vice versa and we can knock it out!


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