Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Madness

Whew!  What a week it's been....and it's only Wednesday!
I didn't think it would be so difficult getting in the swing of things with a new job, but I literally haven't had a minute to think.  Once I get my new schedule figured out, 
I promise to be more consistent.

Is anyone out there excited that it's March Madness?  
Maybe everyone is upset over losing the male population for the next few weeks?  

The Conference USA tournament is in Memphis and the Tigers will take on UTEP tomorrow night at 6:30pm.  

S-O-O-O excited!!!!

This lil guy definitely plays a role in this....
Seriously, you should join his fan base.
Unfortunately, he's red shirting this year so he'll be on the bench, but next year he'll be back to knock your socks off again.  

Here's a taste of your newest favorite athlete.

Silly, sweet, humble, talented, artistic, athletic, caring.....
there's a few reasons why he's your newest fav.

Happy March Madness!!

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  1. AWWW I LOVE this one:) He's definitely a GREAT catch for a special young lady one day.Love you Bubs! Your tied-for-first favorite sister!



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